Team New England
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2024 TNE Player Registration Form

Welcome to the 2024 Team New England Hockey Player Registration Page

If you have been invited to participate on one of our TNE teams in 2024, and would like to complete your registration by submitting your payment online, by clicking the link below:

Team New England Player Registration Page

Please also note:  This form should ONLY be completed by players who have received invitations to participate as a member of the Team New England program for the 2021 Spring/Summer tournament season.  

If you have not been invited, but are interested in playing, please fill out the Prospective Player Form and we will be in touch!

2021 TNE Player Registration Form

Player's Name *
Parent's Name *
Current Winter Team *
Player's Position *
Number of Tournaments Registering For *
Player's Birth Year *
Player's Home Address *
City *
State/Zip Code *
Parent's Email Address *
Parent's Phone Number *
Does the Player have a Sibling in Youth Hockey? *
If so, Please list siblings' name(s), birth year(s), and winter team(s)
I certify that the above named applicant is fully covered by a certified health insurance plan and Stealth Sports Group, Team New England Hockey Club, the ownership, and its staff are not responsible or liable for any injury suffered by the applicant during participation at the tournaments. I also state that the applicant is in excellent health and is able to participate in the physical activity of a vigorous program. Stealth Sports Group, Team New England Hockey Club, and the ownership reserves the right to accept only the players they conclude meet the standards established by the coaching personnel.

NO REFUNDS will be generated.
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